Little Otto Home

So I’ve been itching to create a H O M E G O O D S section to the shop lately and here are the first fruits of a lot of trial and error. All Made with 100% high quality cotton fabric and batting. Hand made, hand sewn.

coasters all coasters all tilt

All of the coasters are thoughtfully mixed fabrics in sets of four.

Set 1: Red Woodland, Olive Anemone, Mustard Floral, Neutral Wildflowers

Set 2:  Winter Acorn, Pale Cream, Olive Noveau, Green Seed Flowers

Set 3: Vintage Floral Cameo, Floral Earth and Olive, Vintage Cherries

Set 4: Mint/Grey Block Print, Monochromatic Dusty Lavender and Blue Floral, Ice Blue Floral

Set 5: Neutral Geometry, Pink Floral, Green/Red Floral, Striped Waves

Set 6:  Teal/Red Mod Geometry, Watercolor Teal, Red Woodland, Green/Red Floral

Set 7: Mini Pop Pink Floral, Peach Check, Dusty Fuchsia, Very Pale Floral

Set 8:  Mini Pop Pink Floral, Cream Foliage, Green Billy Balls, Mustard Diamonds

Set 9: Thin Blue Zig Zag, Mint/Green Block Print, Pale Cream Cranes, Ice Blue Floral

Each set is $15 –or- 2 for $25 (add $3 for shipping)

If you are interested in purchasing any of these sets directly form me or would like to discuss a custom set,  please send me an email